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Travel Diary - Dongping National Forest and Dongtan
edit:   Data: 09/07/2009

All our staffs went to Dongping National Forest Park and Dongtan migratory birds protected areas for travel on 5th Sep. It was a very pleasant trip.
Located in the center of Chongming island, the third-largest island in China, the Dongping National Forest Park occupies an area of 358 hectares. Its abundant trees, bamboo groves, flowers, grass, orchards, varieties of bird life and winding paths leading deep into the brooding mountains tempt visitors to linger. 
The national forest park includes 280 hectares of timber forests, 28 hectares of orchards and 20 hectares of flowers and plant nurseries, where one can find a total of more than 500 species of trees and flowers. it has clean and fresh air, and a pleasant climate, with the average temperature of 18.6 C thorn March to November and an annual suitable tourist days of 300. 

There is a wide variety of recreational equipment in the national, forest park, including camping facilities and a shooting range. Fishing, horse riding, barbecues, hunting, and visiting orchards and the zoo are popular pastimes. Tourists can also play volleyball on the beaches and ride motorcycles on the grassland. In addition, beer halls, fastfood restaurants, clubs, villas and a commercial street have been built in the forest. 

The future Dongping National Forest Park will be one which integrate the forest sightseeing, conference touring, Healthy resting, Vocational resorts, participate entertainment, etc, and become the attraction resorts of Return to the nature for the tourists home and abroad.

Dongtan migratory birds protected areas in the eastern part of Chongming Island, from the Yangtze River where the deposition of sediment from a total area of 45 million mu, a year is still 150 meters (approximately 13 acres) extends the speed constant. Net clean soil water here, fertile land has given birth to endless reed pond, and only a leisurely crabs crawl out from the hole feeding; Haohan raising a variety of the Yangtze River Fisheries, the fish fat crab Zhuang; pure land cultivation to a variety of pollution-free vegetables, melons and other fruits; 30,000 hectares beach is the world's few wild birds park.



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